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Maulana Contracting & General Services

Maulana Contracting and General Services was established   2018 in  Sudan  the city of  Khartuom, and the company operates in several fields and started practicing general contracting activity and constructing residential and commercial buildings, then after that the institution entered into maintenance and operation as it won contracts to implement construction and maintenance on a trainer and has sufficient experience in this.

The field The interest of Maulana Contracting’s business from its inception was focused on perfecting the work in all its stages until the completion of the work to the fullest, which served to spread the good reputation of the company, which raised the company occupies a prominent position among the institutions and local contracting companies.

The mastery of work and the success of a company in a good performance, which the company worked to focus on from its inception, gave the company a great experience in the field of construction contracting, which led to the completion of many of its work before the specified time period for the project, which added to the company a good echo with institutions.

The works of Maulana Contracting and General Services have won the good reputation of many local institutions and companies, and that is why they are known for their commitment to serious and diligent work and to finish it in the face of fashion and a period of time less than what was specified for it.

Organization structure

1.Muhammad Ali IbrahimGeneral Manager
2.Abu Bakr Ahmad Mohamed FadlEngineer
3.Marwa Adam MohamedFinancial Manager
4.Muhammad Sulaiman MuhammadProject Manager
5.Ibrahim Al-Ghali MuhammadEngineer
6.Zakaria Ali Ibrahim Engineer
7.Mohammed Hassan MohammedEngineer